• For you to fully enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables

    As a specialist, Watari handles a wide range of businesses linked to the distribution of fresh produce. Our commitment is to supply high quality fruits and vegetables that consumers can fully enjoy.

    Our business is based on
    "Back Calculation Method"

    To meet our customer's needs, we start from selecting right products from right producers or production areas. In other words, we always start from considering the desired end result which is customer's needs to develop our products. After that, we select the best way for logistics, storage, packaing, marketing and sales promotion for the best result.

  • Back calculations from desired end results:Production Relay & Development


    Watari works closely with many production areas in Japan and abroad.

    Watari business goes beyond just buying and selling fresh produce. As a coordinator between producers and consumers, we constantly give feedback to producers about consumers' needs to develop our products. That's how our producers know what to grow for us and that's how we procure high quality fresh produce for our customers. Such high quality produce might cost a bit more but surely ensure good taste and freshness to the customers' satisfaction. In short, as a coordinator, Watari creates such a win-win relationship between producers and consumers in fresh produce business. And we have so many reliable producers and production areas in Japan and abroard, which enables us to have stable supply of good products and to gain trust and reputation from customers in Japan.

    Production Relay & Development
  • Back Calculations from desired end results: Distribution


    Watari always ensures freshness by strict cold chain.

    Fresh produce are perishable. Each item has its own shelf life which can be affected by post-harvest treatment. While pre-cooling is conducted for freshness of the product in the production areas, we could ruin it by mismanagement of storage temperature in the intermediate distribution. Vegetables are especially perishable. So, we always handle them with meticulous care and strict control of optimum temperature and humidity for each item. Watari is commited to exerting the utmost effort to deliver the fresh products very fresh to the customers.

    Distribution Business
  • Back calculations from desired end results:Processing


    Watari constantly proposes new items based on the changing consumer needs.

    Although it seems very stable regardless of economy, there are some changes in consumer needs even for fresh produce. Recently, a major beef bowl restaurant chain has introduced a new menu item of beef-free vegetable bowl, which reflects the increasing popularity of vegetables in relation to the rising health consciousness.

    On the other hand, we also observe the increasing needs for small packs (small quantity)or pre-cut vegetables today. The needs for small packs (small quantity) are increasing due to the aging population and fewer children per family. The needs for pre-cut vegetables are increasing due to the dual-income households who do not have enough time for cooking.

    Watari has its own processing centers to repack vegetables into small packages or to make pre-cut items. And we constantly propose such new items to our supermarket customers.

  • Back calculations from desired end results:Sales & Marketing


    Watari supplies high quality products to wholesale markets and major retailers nationwide.

    Watari handles the whole range of fresh produce in Japan. We always watch the trends of consumer needs and procure the most desirable products from the best producers in the best production areas both in Japan and overseas, and supply to the wholesale markets, major retailers,food service and home-meal replacement companies nationwide.

    As observing the ever-diversifying consumer needs, we constantly propose new items to our clients.

    Sales & Marketing
  • Back calculations from desired end results:Sales Promotion


    Watari engages actively in Sale Promotion.

    Watari supplies some retailers with almost all items in their fresh produce sections, in which we are responsible for sales promotion of the whole section. For that purpose, we often organize in-store events such as food tasting.

    For instance, we often organize in-store sales promotion events in collaboration with the producers or JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives), such as "Hokkaido Fair" or "Miyazaki Fair".

    Also, Watari has special staff to create new recipes and our own promotional materials for sales promotion, or we regularly conduct food tasting events in stores too.

    Such sales promotion activities have become an important part of our work as a professional coordinator between production areas and consumption areas.

    Sales Promotion