Sales Promotions

Organizing In-store Sales Promotions

We analyze consumer needs and organize in-store promotional events.

We just don't sell our products but we also help our clients with the sales promotions in stores. In-store promotions can help the sales of fresh produce effectively. We actively organize such in-store sales promotions by utilizing our own SP teams which can design and create our own SP materials as well as store display preparations. In some instances, our different departments and teams in Watari collaborate for one SP project or even our growers and suppliers from distant areas come and join us for such in-store promotion events, such as "Hokkaido Fair" or "Okinawa Fair". Through our in-store promotion activities, we can gain a lot of useful information directly from consumers and we give such feedback to our clients and also suppliers.

  • Bringing producers closer to consumers by having them participate in in-store events

  • Videos made by Watari for in-store promotions

  • Let consumers try tasty products of our own recipes.

Our Original Promotional Videos

Product Differentiation by Our Unique Packaging and POS Posters

Good packaging attracts consumers.

We design and create unique labels and posters with our own design staff, using Adobe software and special printers. Most companies opt to outsourse such work to design offices or printing companies, but we do it in house. Our advantage is to create different lables and posters unique to each of our clients for differentiations. We also put QR codes on our labels and packages for more detailed information of products for consumers, such as grower's information, recipes and promotional videos.

Examples of Our POS Posters

Proposing New Recipes

We have some staff specialized in food nutrition and cooking of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Their task is to introduce the characteristics and new recipes of various produce items to consumers. Along with our sales promotion teams, they also join the in-store promotional events to talk directly with consumers about what's so good about each product. We have conducted such in-store promotions over 30 years and we know such activities can really promote the sales of any produce items in any stores.