Repacking Process at our own repacking facilities

Repacking to make consumer packs on behalf of each store

Many items sold in stores today are consumer packs. And it is very difficult and costly for each store to prepare such items themselves. That's where Watari can also help. We repack fruit and vegetables at our own processing centers to prepare the cosumer packs for all their stores on behalf. By centralizing the repacking process, we can provide our client's stores with better quality for less cost.

Cutting Process under good hygienic conditions

Hygienic management based on HACCP

Recently, the demand of cut fruit and vegetables has grown substantially in Japan. It reflects the social changes in Japan such as the aging population with diminishing number of children,increasing numbers of nuclear families or dual-income households. As average family size gets smaller or dual-income households become common, the demands of smaller packs or precut products have been increasing. We can provide our clients with such items by processing (cutting) fruit and vegetables in our own processing facilities with good hygienic conditions.

Processing of Kabocha Squash

  • 1.Washing

    We first wash raw materials.

  • 2.Cutting

    We slice squash by specialized machine.

  • 3.Vacuum Packing

    We vacuum-pack the sliced squash.

  • 4.Labeling

    We put specific labels on our final products along with QC.

  • 5.Prevention of Product Tampering

    We use metal detectors to ensure no metal matters in our product packages.

  • 6.Cartoning

    Lastly, we carton our products for dispatching.

Product Development to meet New Consumer Needs

We constantly develop new products to meet new consumer needs.

We constantly develop new products to meet new consumer needs. We have developed so many items of precut vegetables to help consumers with precooking process. Moreover, we have also developed various items of precut mixed vegetables for specific recipes, some of which are microwavable packages.

  • Warm mixed salad in microwavable container

  • Packing of precut vegetables

  • Unique item with cooked fish fillet on precut vegetables