Strict Cold Chain Mangement

To deliver high-quality products in best conditions

There are so many kinds of products in fresh produce and their storage requirements are all different. It would be very cost efficient for us to store all products in the same storage at the same temperature. However, the quality of products may deteriorate because it's too cold or too warm. Watari never compromises on this temperature contol for freshness of each product and ensures strict cold chain management throughout the all distribution process.

Moreover, shortening trasportation time helps the freshness of products, especially in long-distance trasportation. Watari often chooses to ship products by truck or by air rather than by vessel to prioritize quality (freshness) over cost.

  • Picking area with refrigeration

  • Quality control by supervisors according to the specifications

Expertise in Quality Assessment

Quality Assessment based on "Freshness" for vegetables and "Taste" for fruits.

Fresh produce is perishable and its shelf life depends on various factors such as weather and other growing conditions. Taste also varies for various factors and even the same product could taste so different if they are grown in different locations or by different growing methods. In spite of so many variables, we must assess the quality of all the different products on a daily basis, which requires a great deal of expertise in fresh produce. We conduct strict quality control in all processes to ensure the quality to satisfy customer's expectations. In handlig certain fruits,additional ripening is necessary, which also requires some expertise.

  • Always checking freshness and quality with expert eyes

  • On-site managers conduct regular checks based on predetermined quality standards

Supplying major retailers nationwide as a reliable vendor

Supporting our client stores with quality fresh produce to be No.1 in their local areas

Watari is also a reliable vendor of fresh produce, supplying major retailers nationwide. We have gained good reputation and trust from our clients for consistently supplying high quality produce. For example, we have a big client in Okinawa and we are sending a large amount of fresh produce to them by sea. But in summer, sometimes we cannot send our products by sea due to typhoons. In such cases, we send our products by air to keep supplying our client with the full range of products without fail. That way, our client's stores can satisfy their customers with good fresh products even in the emergency. Consequently, our client's stores gain trust and loyalty from their customers, which gives us trust and loyalty from our client as well.

  • A reefer container just arrived in Okinawa

  • Products waiting for shipment